Repertoire written for Resonabilis:

Estonian composers

Kristjan Kõrver     Florete flores for mezzo soprano, flute, kannel and cello  
Margo Kõlar         Võlujärv/Magic lake for flute, kannel and cello  
Tatjana Kozlova    Muutlik/Changeable for flute and kannel  
John Dowland/Märt-Matis Lill     Farewell for alto flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, kannel, and cello
Tatjana Kozlova      Muumitroll ja talv/Moomintroll and the winter for voice, flute, kannel and cello  
Age Hirv                   Retsitatiiv/Recitativo for voice, alto flute, kannel and cello
Helena Tulve          Sõnajalad/Ferns (arrangement for voice and kannel)
Märt-Matis Lill       Sappho Fragments for voice, flute, kannel and cello
Ülo Krigul                Meine ernste Wandlungen for voice, flute, kannel and cello


David Helbich (Germany)     Estland-Stück for voice, flute, kannel, cello and percussion
Antti Auvinen (Finland)        Allusion Fragments for kannel, voice, cello and piccolo  
Daan Manneke (Holland)     Cinque poèmes de André du Bouchet (arrangement for voice, alto-flute kannel and cello)  
Santa Ratniece (Latvia)      ... between the shores of our souls for voice, flute, kannel and cello